Cool Cameos.

When I was very young, people used to tell me ridiculous things and I used to believe them.  My best friend Allie (the bride-to-be in this post) convinced me once that there were elves living in her basement who would leave us markers and coloring books to play with.  Come to think of it, it was also Allie that told me that if I stood on a beach towel in the middle of her living room her dog wouldn't be able to come near me. (I came from a house with disinterested cats and a dog the same size as me really freaked me out.)  The point is that I'll participate in some rather fantastical ideas without much question. One of the most vivid memories of mine as a child believing in some kind of magic was playing at my great-aunt and uncle's home which always seemed to me to be some kind of fairy tale forest.  There was a single day I remember playing with another girl about my age who was also visiting the house.  I would never be able to tell you her name or why exactly she was there.  (While writing this, I am starting to really hope that I didn't make her up too.)  She had a little pendant that was peach colored with a white cameo on it and it was like nothing I had ever seen.  This chick told me some story about how the cameo was magic and would tell us where to go on a journey through the woods, leading us on a wonderful adventure.  I think we got about as far as my uncle's woodworking shed a mere 50 feet from the house before being called in for dinner.

So when I came across this incredible take on the traditional cameo on Shopbop the other day, it really got me excited about the whimsy of this style of carving and how cool it looks mixed with modern fashion.

This find obviously led me on the search for other cool cameo objects:

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