The Beast Within.

Once upon a time, a little label named We Are Handsome created a one-piece bathing suit with the picture of an ever so scary angry panther on the front.  This creepy, unassuming garment made its way onto the bodies of many a celebrity, including Rihanna and Diane Kruger, thus sparking a sudden appreciation for really pissed off, dangerous animals.

And it seems as though this trend has moved itself from swimwear to the ever-popular t-shirt.  It's been super noticable in Paris recently with current and new collections from both The Kooples and Maje showcasing these livid beasts across the chests of their adoring fans.  There will be more to jump on this bandwagon, for sure, so keep your eyes out.

So what kind of girl are you?  Wolf lady?  Gorilla b-word?  Lion queen?

And if we were really splitting hairs, I would actually say that Bret of Flight of the Conchords fame should be getting some credit for this trend.  His series of vintage t-shirt and sweatshirts with wild animals always got my attention...