Rejoice. 'House of Style' Returns.

Oh my goodness.  It's all happening.  MTV is bringing 'House of Style' back from the dead! If you have no idea, think major show of the 90s, hosted by the superest of supermodels, Cindy Crawford, chronicling the comings and goings of fashion's newest and coolest.  Apparently the show will be in a different format but we can all have a little freakout over a reissue of 170 of the best clips from the original show.

Want to see the Spice Girls at the mall?  Or a chubby Uncle Karl?  Or a baby-faced Sofia Copolla and Spike Jonze?!  ME FREAKIN' TOO.

Todd Oldham.  Remember him.  'Tomorrow is going to be grosser than today'.  Amen, sister.


Oh the 90s...I really did love you so.


Anyway, excited to see this new format and what kinds of things the show will be offering up to all us fashion fiends.  What do you think?  Will it work?