Getting Grown-Up For Autumn.

Last week, all I could think about were summer fashions.  The sales have been in full-swing in Paris and it is impossible to not want everything.  In the last few days, however, something has happened.  The size of the sale areas in the boutiques have shrunk and autumn looks are finding their way into the windows and racks of these same shops.  And I'm excited.  Seriously excited. I thought maybe it was just the French takes very little effort to realize that the French take style very seriously.  You'll be hard pressed to find a Forever 21 but there seems to be a Sandro or The Kooples around ever corner.  A couple hundred for a top seems quite standard over in these parts but there seems to be reason for it.  Close attention is paid to tailoring and to materials used for all the garments making it seem like less of a stretch between high street and runway.

With the release of lookbooks for both Topshop and ASOS, I am quite excited to see that maybe our American (yes, I know they are both British brands, you get my point) affordable retailers are getting on-board with what it really means to be fashionable.  Everyone is growing up and maybe that means I need to as well?