Bastille Day Bliss.

When I first planned my trip over to Paris, I was immediately excited that I would be here for Bastille Day.  For those who need further information, it is a national holiday in France celebrating, well, being French  :)  It takes place on the 14th of July commemorating the storming of the Bastille in 1789.

It's pretty similar to the Fourth of July in the States but maybe a bit more, dare I say it, patriotic?  Now, we Americans know how to do it.  There is drinking and fireworks and lots of food.  But when you find yourself along the banks of the Seine surrounded by thousands of people even miles away from the Eiffel Tower where the fireworks and music show is centered, you suddenly realize how serious it all is.  And if we're being picky about it, everyone is delightfully full of wine and France always has lots of food.

To maybe make it a bit more entertaining, Bastille Day has a theme every year.  This year, it was Disco Fever.  That's right.  So not only is there an insane fireworks show but it is set to a pretty hysterical soundtrack.  And if that isn't enough for you, following the fireworks, fire houses (and then men within) host somewhat raucous 'balls' to which us younger folk attempt to attend to be able to say 'is this for real?'  I mean, there is a reason that I didn't make my way to bed until 4am.

I stayed back a bit watching from a bridge at Place du Concorde with my friends (and our wine) but it was a brilliant show even at that distance and even a bit more so with one of Paris' most beautiful bridges, Pont Alexandre III, in the foreground.

If you want to see the full show complete with the music, click here.