Femme Fatale

I have always been obsessed with magazines.  It shouldn’t be much wonder why I ended up focusing on publishing and with an internship at Condé Nast Traveler…I guess it’s just a question as to why it took me so long to finally realize it is where I should be. Now I feel the need to start this with a disclaimer.  I love magazines.  I love American magazines.  They are my life blood.  But NOTHING can touch European fashion magazines, especially the ones I am spending my time staring at here in Paris.  And while the editorial from the magazine I am going to show you is from a UK magazine, it still is mind bogglingly (word?) gorgeous.

I love the colors, styling and, of course, usage of lingerie as garments.

To see more of Twenty6 magazine and get all the credits for this shoot, visit the Twenty6 website.  And for more posts about French lingerie, including images and video, check out my other blog The Coquette Costume.