I Want Raf Simons To Be My Best Friend (Who Dresses Me).

While on the topic of the haute couture shows, it would be a massive mis-step if I did not bring up the majesty that was Raf Simons first collection for Dior.  Talk about throwing a guy in at the deep end!  Hire him in April and tell him his first show with the legendary label is their couture line at the beginning of July.  It's mean and kinda brilliant.  The thing about Raf is that you can't help but root for him.  After his emotional departure from Jil Sander, it became pretty clear that this is just a lovely fella who knows how every woman wants to dress.  And, in fact, everyone WAS rooting for him.  His front row included DVF, Donatella and Marc Jacobs to name a few, which is pretty insane.  Those are the kinds of cheerleaders I want. And boy oh boy did Raf deliver the goods...for a label that has been fledgling through not just a difficult economy but also a heavy bit of controversy with the booting of the label's previous designer John Galliano for some rather unsavoury (and anti-Semitic) statements, they got exactly what they needed.  The collection is a tribute to not just Raf's skills as a designer but also to the label's history.  See what Raf had to say below (and fall in love with him a little bit more):


What the designer did is take the famous silhouettes from the label dating back to the first and most famous collection, The New Look, in 1947 and bring it up to modern-day.  Little updates to shape and fabrication and color made this somewhat basic collection a revolutionary one for the label.  And I want it all in my closet.  Like now.  So sort it out.

See below some of my fav looks, as well as the full show.