Uncle Karl, I've arrived.

As I may or may not have mentioned once or twice or forty times, I'm in Paris.  I'm in Paris studying fashion.  Yes, I am aware how ridiculous that sounds and am also revelling in appreciation for the outlandish position in which I have yet again found myself.  It's hard to believe that I am already halfway through my course here and the first week was a doozy...in the best possible way.  Once we got through the first day of introductions to not only each other and the course but to the French language and culture, we started the second day with a field trip... TO STYLE WATCH OUTSIDE THE CHANEL HAUTE COUTURE SHOW.  Yeah.  I know.  Even days later I am still so excited by it that I can't help but do a little squirmy dance where I scrunch up my nose and squeal a little bit.  I am sure that has nothing to do with me not being allowed inside the actual show  :)  It is a bit of a wonder which is better and more inspiring though.  Standing outside the show and people/celebrity watching or actually getting to go inside.  Because I was having a f**king ball without even being allowed into the venue.

What I wanted to do here was show a few images from the show and tell you all that I wasn't that impressed and in some cases it felt like K.L. took all the worst parts of every decade and smushed them all together making me wonder what at all makes it an haute couture show.  And I still kinda feel that way.  After the Versailles Resort show that was reasonably 'meh' and then this show which seemed to be ready-to-wear just under a different name, I have to kind of wonder if Karl is getting a little bit bored at Chanel.  I know, how dare I?!  But it's true.  THAT BEING SAID...I watched the video of the show and do have a greater appreciation for what was being sent down the runway so I felt it best to share that instead.


Now Karl didn't entirely let me down because I was in awe of the styling of the celebs that I stalked at the entrance to the show.  Diane Kruger was a vision in real life and, gonna throw an odd one in here, Leslie Mann is a freakin' knockout.  I think it may be the best I've ever seen Alexa Chung look (not 'try too hard') and there seemed to be an adorable (and successful) attempt at working the traditionally Parisian style throughout.

Seems as though Lucky Magazine knows what's up too...they have already put together a mini-shopping guide helping recreate some of the best celeb looks from the show!  Check it out here.