Weddings of Women I Wish I Knew.

It is no question that we are in the feverish height of wedding season at the moment, and though I am not one to really focus much on this phenomenon of great fashion, brilliant parties and a boatload of love, I can't help but comment.  In the last few weeks, three of the coolest girls I look up to have gotten married and have done it bloody well.  In my humble opinion, these events are increasingly being taken over by 'what are we meant to do' and have lost a bit of 'what do we want to do'.  The Missoni, Love and Jagger camps all seemed to go back to themselves and made sure their celebrations were everything to do with their personalities and the meaning of the day. So I present to you, three weddings of women I wish I knew (and wish I had been invited to).

Margherita Missoni - Adorable, fashionable and the face of one of the coolest families in the world.

Pamela Love - Badass flower child, jewelry designer extraordinaire, coolest chick ever.

Jade Jagger - Rock royalty who kept it simple but ever so British.