We Interrupt Your Regularly Schedule Resort Collection Reviews...

Yesterday I was presented with a few YouTube gems that I just can't keep to myself and though they have nothing to do with anything nor anything to do with each other, I thought it only right that I share. First up is another one of those 'this kid had dental surgery and now is rambling like an idiot' videos that I tend to feel awful about watching, except that I think this one accounts for five of the most brilliant minutes of my life.  There is something so genuinely touching about how engaging this kid is and how he speaks to and about his parents (riddled with hilarity, of course, including a touching moment when the medicated teen is denied Panda Express and offered ice cream) which makes you think this is just an elevated improv comedy version of the real person.  But in all honesty, it's worth the watch if just to hear a teen guy say 'oh, I don't know how I'm doing, I'm just crying and watching soccer'.


Next up is probably one of the greatest and most effective commercials I have ever seen...so effective, in fact, that I went to visit the website it is promoting even though it is for men's razors.  There is some word bleeping, a samurai sword, a jab at Roger Federer and a dance party with a bear, leaf blower and dollar bills, ya'll.