Band of Outsiders Resort 2013: Literally Boats & Stripes.

For me, Band of Outsiders has been a slow grower.  I always had an eye on the label but had convinced myself that maybe I wasn't a cool enough kid to be hip to it all.  In the last year, I have seriously changed my tune.  As it seems, I very likely AM cool enough to understand and maybe even love a little.  What I find so great about the label is that they make getting dressed easy.  The label seems to create really logical wardrobes and deserves a bunch of high fives and maybe even some hugs for that feat.  In doing nothing seriously out of the ordinary, they have made themselves extraordinary. There is always a sense of fun to Band of Outsiders and the Resort 2013 collection pushes that notion to the maxx.  Literally boats and stripes.  That is what 'resort' means to the label.  That is what they are going to present in its most basic form.  It's childish nostalgia and somehow grown-up.  Though I may not be caught with a boat emblazoned on my sweater, I could participate elsewhere in the collection and appreciate the nerd who WILL wear the boat sweater and probably make it look so cool that I want it.