Chris Benz Resort 2013: The Fun of Being a Girl.

Chris Benz has all the elements of someone who I think is awesome.  He attended Parsons where I have been enjoying being a student for the last year.  He was an intern at Marc Jacobs (cool) and went on to work for J. Crew (double cool) and he obviously just wants to have some good old-fashioned fun.  Going through the images of the Chris Benz Resort collection, there is an obvious nod back to a delightfully nostalgic 1950s South Beach and you just want to jump into the clothes and participate.  There is a certain degree of playing dress up while being ever so serious about how fashionable you are when it comes to this collection. I think it would be rather difficult for some of us 'common people' to pull off some of these looks but by golly I'll appreciate them and I'll probably try.  Martini, anyone?