Temperley London Resort 2013: The Glam Fairy.

I go back and forth about how I feel about Temperley London.  In theory, it should be my favorite but in practice, I just see it as a designer that gets a lot of attention from Kate Middleton when she is feeling a bit wild.  And I think other Kate and I may have different perceptions of 'wild'.  Not that I don't like her because I do.  She seems like a good time and I would love to get a margarita with her and then run around the palace wearing funny hats. This latest Resort collection from Temperley really has me excited both for the label and from what we may hope to see from Miss Kate.  It is very 60s coquettish glam and I love it.  The label has gone for the best kind of Bardot-inspired ladylike sexiness that I can really get on board with.  My only hope is that we get to see this on our favorite lady royal without major alterations and complete with those nearly impossible wedges that I want on my little paws approximately 10 minutes ago.