BCBG Max Azria Resort 2013: Honestly, Since WHEN?!

Though the title may be moderately cryptic, it won't take me long to explain.  My image for ever so long of BCBG Max Azria has been that of prom dress shopping meets South Florida club wear.  I don't particularly know why but if I think it, I am sure I have grounds.  Let us all be clear that I am not knocking it...I myself have a delightful bright pink cocktail dress I wore to my college graduation formal that still elates me (the skirt looks like a pile of chiffon leaves, obviously) from the label.  But I never really thought of the label as properly cool or excellently fashion-forward. It could be that I am just paying more attention now but BCBG Max Azria has really been coming out of the woodwork as of late and their recent Resort collection makes sure to reinforce that.  Now, it may rely on trends that the higher level designers have been over and done with for a couple of seasons now but you can't help but look at BCBG and think 'that's really cool, that needs to be mine'.  It feels like a lot more time and thought is going into really looking at their audience and responding as a leader and not a follower.

I'm on board.  Who's with me?!