Naeem Khan Resort 2013: Don't Mind If I Do

Resort collections always have a way of sneaking up on me.  I think it is probably my inability to cope with the excitement of enjoying the warmer weather while also finding myself intensely excited about the upcoming fall fashions that have graced the runways and are finding their way into my hot little paws at my internship (not to keep, just to make eyes at).  All of a sudden I am presented with all these other gems.  Oh Fashion, you cruel mistress. Added stress is caused by my current packing roadblock.  I am currently in Boulder, Colorado with my ever so outdoorsy brother and a suitcase full of who knows what.  Sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, dresses...I honestly am changing multiple times a day in order to accommodate scaling mountains, taking tours, chasing the dog around the park, laying by the pool and looking somewhat presentable by dinner.  (I am not complaining.  It has been great.  But it doesn't take a genius to assume my reaction when my brother hands me a motorcycle helmet and tells me to put some long pants on cause we're going out into the forest.)  With about a week respite and planning time in between, I am off for a nearly 6 week excursion to London and Paris where I have to be both incredibly fashionable and comfortable in unpredictable weather.  I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START.  Capital letters do not emphasize effectively how I feel at the moment but it's the best I can do with the current tools I have.

I have veered so far off point of this post that I am now textually off-roading.  And probably wearing the wrong outfit.  Hold on, gotta find my way back to base...

Oh hey.

Since my first internship (3 days, whatever) when I started at Parsons was helping out during Market Week at Naeem Khan, I always get excited to see what the label has to offer.  It's a little bit of pride, I suppose.  Naeem and his team are responsible for my first experience sitting up-close and personal at a New York Fashion Week show (read about it here) and were some of the kindest people I have met in the industry thus far.  So one of the first resort collections I checked out for 2013 was the Naeem Khan collection and boy oh boy, well done team.

Naeem is a master at embroidery and embellishments and his formal wear is heart-stopping so it wasn't that I was expecting something less but I guess maybe I was expecting a bit more of the same.  Yes, all of Naeem's signatures are embedded in the collection but there is something a bit more modern and fashion-forward about this collection in comparison to previous and it's stunning.  It's impossible to not see cues from other designers' recent collections (Gucci, Rodarte, McQueen) but I'll leave it at that and just enjoy the finished product.

You can view all of the collection here...I picked out a few of my favs and a few looks to showcase the development I see in this collection but it has to be said, my personal taste keeps heading right back to the traditional gowns and embroidery that makes Naeem Khan so incredible.  Maybe just some friendly advice on top of saying 'I love it'...there ain't nothing wrong with 'leave experimentation to the others, just being f**king beautiful is all we really need'.