3.1 Phillip Lim Resort 2013: Two Words, Leather Overalls.

I really enjoy 3.1 Phillip Lim.  I am desperate for a 31 Hour Bag from the designer.  As we speak, I am thinking about all the fun that bag and I could have together.  It pains me to have to admit when I started looking through the images from the Resort 2013 collection, I got a little bored and clicked out of the window.  BUT as the window was closing, what did my eyes behold?!  Leather freakin' overalls?! Yes.  Game changer.  Let's all just put our cards on the table here and admit that most of us don't have a hope in hell of ever obtaining or being able to actually pull-off leather overalls but by golly we can appreciate them.  So I got the window back up and began to browse with a new respect.  And though I am not bowled over by the collection, there are a few stunners in there that deserve a bit of a shout out.  Very least the leather freakin' overalls.