Alexander McQueen in Motion.

Forgive me readers for I have sinned.  It has been 12 days since my last post.  And I feel really bad about that but LOOK, HERE I AM  :)  It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks but I am happy to report that my school year is officially over.  Yay!  Having spent the past 9 months meticulously planning out my time in order to deliver to the best of my ability in all my classes, I am suddenly looking at the list of things I have neglected during my time at Parsons and am trying to make at least a dent in it.  It has not, however, stopped me from waking up from dreams about how I am going to complete certain school projects.  Apparently creating mood boards is deeply embedded in my psyche (thanks Parsons). But you don't want to hear about how dizzy I am from this sudden halt to life as I have known it for the last year.  A paragraph is more than enough.  I have loads that I am very excited about writing and sharing with you but wanted to start with this amazing video that I saw last week.

It is with no surprise that all eyes have been on Sarah Burton since her appointment following Alexander McQueen's untimely death and it is no less than astonishing what has happened in the meantime.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibited ‘Savage Beauty’, a tribute to McQueen’s career, which garnered one of the largest audiences to any special exhibit at the institution.  And it would be severely amiss to not mention that Burton was chosen to dress the wedding party and, of course, the bride at the biggest wedding of this decade, that of Prince William and Katherine Middleton.  Though proving herself as a fantastic vessel through which McQueen’s ideas could be realized has plagued the designer.  Yes, she has created gorgeous collections and work that Alexander would be proud of but the question has been, where is Sarah Burton in these garments?  To deliver a McQueen collection while making a personal mark is both difficult and walking a fine line of what is respectable.

The most recent collection shown in Paris for the upcoming Fall/Winter season brought a sense of nervousness to those of us who champion the label and all it stands for.  There is a desperation for Burton to be amazing but also a fear that she will feel a need to deliver collections that are created to pay homage instead of continue to solidify and strengthen the design house as a major player in the fashion world.

But it became quickly clear that Sarah Burton has finally found her own voice in the world of McQueen.  Though Alexander would scorn me for using such terminology, the designer delivered a level of whimsy while maintaining the balance of romance and darkness that makes the label so fascinating to watch in this latest collection.  Burton is obviously giving us the chance to look forward and adapt our idea of beauty while never losing sight of what is at the core of a McQueen woman.

Don't you just want to live backstage at an Alexander McQueen show?!