Taking Hello Kitty to the Friendly Skies.

I fully understand that my ears always perk up when there is the mention of Hello Kitty.  I can't explain it.  There was a Sanrio store at my local mall growing up which I seriously had giddy child heart palpatations over but I never actually had much Hello Kitty in my life.  It seemed like a little candy-colored fantasy world that I could visit...maybe that explains why my heaven will probably be the set of the now-defunct game show 'Shop Til You Drop'. WHATEVER.  The point is that Hello Kitty now has an airplane and I want to live in it.  I am in no way making an understatement either.  It's serious.  And after you look at the pictures, you may feel the same way.

Read more about the airline and see more images here.  I understand that I am currently regressing and have watched the Care Bears Movie and Annie within days of each other and have also moved back into my parents temporarily between school finishing and almost 2 straight months of travel...but all of these events are celebrated with a glass of wine proving that I'm an adult.