The Militaristic Past of Hello Kitty.

Yeah, I know what I said.  And I meant to say it. In the New York Times Style Magazine this weekend, there was a wonderful feature about the Brooklyn home of Ramdane Touhami and Victoire de Taillac which spurred a giddy envy in me.  The family itself is fascinating.  They are this gorgeous group of nomads are fashion designers, artists, DJs, name it, they do it.  But it was the images of their home which really caught my attention and in particular, that of their dining room.

Yes, you are seeing what I am seeing.  Vivienne Westwood wallpaper with two portraits of Hello Kitty's forefathers.  So ridiculous that they are right up my alley.  I love nothing more than exercising the ability to not take things too seriously.  This couple has that down to a literal art.

The rest of the article features printed wallpaper depicting a beautiful gold library of 2D books, sketched portraits of the family which look to be done by amateur cartoonists and a four-poster bed on which a regal crown hangs casually.  'Here there is no theory, it's all improvised'.  Aren't all the best things?