Bunny Hop.

For the first time in 8 years, I got to spend Easter at home with my family and, it has to be said, I had forgotten how much I love this holiday.  Not because of any religious connotation...that's not really my thing.  But there was something about the lead up to the day that meant a whole lot of adorable decorations, a glorious amount of baking treats and the realization that Spring has finally sprung.  My mom had planted little bunnies and eggs in just the right places around the house and I replaced my red wine drinking (I've got a month in which I have to behave) with destroying the kitchen making as many delectable delights as possible.  In the end, I had successfully managed to make cranberry and white chocolate oatmeal cookies, a chocolate fudge cake with homemade whipped cream, chocolate nest cookies, chocolate-dipped shortbread and, my personal favorite, coconut macaroons dipped in dark chocolate. One of my best friends, and former roommates, once told me that she knew when I was unhappy because I would stop cooking.  Suppose this means we're in good shape  :)