A little adventure. Or 'lessons in how to sound fancy'.

With quite a good deal of time off between semesters during the holidays, I had the pleasure of being able to reflect on my life a little and start working on a new plan for what my future may hold now that I am nearing the end of my 'freak out, quit job, move countries, go to fashion school' phase. Truth is, I had a plan before the Christmas break.  It was very reasonable.  Finish school and get a job.  But it appears as though my favorite demons decided to show up and handed me the perfect opportunity to avoid reality for just a little while longer.  For someone who loves to 'nest', I can have a hard time sitting still.

So here are the steps already accomplished in 'how to sound fancy':

1. Get yourself some parents that encourage you to be an explorer.  See if you can get your mom and her best friend (mother of your best friend) to take the two of you to Paris (age 12) and London (age 13) to start a whole travel obsession that this post just does not have the space to document.

2. Go to college with all good intentions as a Vocal Performance major, forgetting that you aren't the biggest fan of getting up in front of people and singing.  (Years later, you'll still only be able to participate in 'private room' karaoke.)

3. Decide that maybe you should be a little smarter and drop your major.  Instead, create a major that doesn't exist at your school, write your own curriculum, give presentations to the school board, cry a little and then suddenly get approved as the college's only Music Business student.  Make sure that your coursework MUST include a year abroad in London to be valid.

4. Go to London for a year.  Get drunk.  Dance a lot.  Do really well in classes despite the hangovers.  Realize that you've fallen in love with the city and most of the people who you've met.

5. Return to college in the States for your final year and make everyone miserable because all you do is walk around and pout about how much you miss London.

6. Graduate and find any possible way to get a visa to move back to England.  Spend six years there having the time of your life, working, living, loving.  (Though this step sounds very easy, it was, in fact, NOT.  Visas are increasingly hard to come by and there were a few very difficult moments.  This should be the step where I remind everyone that no matter how fancy you can make yourself sound, you're still human and human things happen.)

7. Have a crisis of confidence in the route your life is taking and realize there is only one answer.  FASHION SCHOOL.

8. Move to New York City.  Rent an apartment in Manhattan.  Go to Parsons (described to me the other day as 'the Harvard of fashion') and realize that fashion is incredibly hard work...but completely amazing.

And that is as far as I had gotten.  Like I said, I had a plan...graduate and get a job.  Though I take full responsibility for the next steps, I really feel as though I need to say that we all should have been prepared for me to do something to turn an easy situation into a challenging one.  I mean, look at steps 1 through 8...moving on.

9. Use social media to create a digital friendship with a professor at your school that you have not met who will later send you a message alerting you of a course she is teaching in Paris over the summer in the field that you are looking to go into.

10. Freak out.

11. Talk to your previously mentioned parents about the opportunity expecting them to worry about the further loans you will have to take out for this fashion malarkey.  Be pleasantly surprised that they are all for it.  Do a dance.  Think about writing a song.

This is where things start getting pretty fancy...

12. Book your place on the course, which takes place the first two weeks of July.  Decide that you don't want to live in dorms so research apartments for rent.  Find an apartment in the Marais.  Book it for a month because why not.  Suddenly be going to Paris for the month of July with your own apartment.  So fancy.

13. Never forget London.  Decide that flying to London for ten days before taking the train over to Paris makes the most sense.  Emotionally, not financially, of course.  And really, is there anywhere else that you would want to be if you're going to be forced to celebrate your birthday?

14. Realize that your 'finish school, get a job' has suddenly turned into 'finish school, run off to Europe for six weeks'.  More dancing.  Panic about a proper wardrobe.

So there you have it.  It may be a few months away but at the speed in which my life appears to be moving, I'll be on this little adventure in no time.  I can't wait to write about it.  And I also can't wait to pretend that I'm a French girl  :)