The Highs & Lows.

I came across this picture the other day and immediately fell in love with the shoes.  They have just the right amount of sparkle but are a great mix of youthful and classy.  But as I tend to do when I see something I like, I immediately have to assume that it is ridiculously expensive and lose a little bit of sleep over it.  In my head, these were obviously going to be Chanel and would never be mine.

BUT NAY.  As I obsessively check the ZARA website to see what new items they update on an almost daily basis, I was over the moon when I found these little ladies!  Hello lovelies.  Beautiful flat sandals that I can afford and look pretty in. Practical and gorgeous.

So you can imagine my confusion when I saw these on Piperlime yesterday morning.  Aside from a slight difference in how far up the tiny studs go up the t-bar portion of the shoe and the fact that these have a heel...I am quite sure I am looking at an identical shoe.

I'm leaning towards the flats because, all in all, they would get a lot more use but I'd love to know...which would choose?  Happy shopping!