The Cat Came Back.

Quite some time back, I wrote a post about a cat hat that I wanted.  Actually, I've written two posts about my mild obsession with all things feline.  Except actual felines.  There are only a few of them in my life with whom I have liked my relationship.  I'm even weirding myself out by the moment, so if you could just bear with me, I do have a point. When I wrote the initial post, I brought up a beautiful lady who worked at my hairdressers in London, who I saw one day wearing an entirely black ensemble with a cat hat.  A really cool cat hat.  I could never actually effectively describe this hat.  I get that it sounds silly.  I have grown obsessed with this hat, sure I would never find it anywhere but never properly letting it go.

Then it happened.  I was catching up on some of the blogs that I try to read on the regs and came across Peony Lim (who attended the Viktor Luna presentation I reviewed, here).  She had been working on a series of posts about her daily outfits for New York Fashion Week...lo and behold, what is that I see on Miss Lim's noggin?!  THE CAT HAT.  So I jumped up and I clicked my heels and I did a little dance (and then I saw the price tag and I got a bit mopey).  Still, I remain very excited about the discovery!

It is part of the collection for adorable milliner Marie Mercié and I will continue to lust, knowing that this hat is more than likely unattainable.  But I also find it perfect time to remind everyone that my 29th birthday is only four short months away and I love you.  Yup.

So we are all clear, I do totally understand that even though I am trying to justify my love for this hat, a fair few of you may still think I am a little off my rocker.  But all is fair in love and fashion.  What?  You wanted some more black cat pictures for this unintentional series?  Your wish is my command.