Love Letters.

With the rush of fashion week and my excitement with just about everything surrounding it, I wanted to make sure that I got my balance back.  This week's posts may be a bit more personal but this blog has always been about what is inspiring me and moving me, not just about the dizzy fashion world I currently live in. When I first started this blog on a visit to San Francisco last May, I wrote about my grandmother who was a Queen of the Golden Gate Bridge when it opened (read it here).  And through the beauty which is social media, a Bay-area based artist got in touch with me as she is part of an installation to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Bridge.  Her focus is to recreate the dresses of the Queens out of paper and she was struggling to find information about the event.  This sent me on a little journey through artifacts left by my grandmother and the thing I uncovered were incredible.  From letters of rejection by a school for the deaf my grandmother was trying to get my great-aunt into (turns out they did not deem her 'deaf enough') to brochures on what to do in a blackout, this lady kept everything.

My favorite, however, are two love letters from my grandfather to my grandmother while they were dating.  A real lesson in the beauty of the written word and the hilarious heartbreak of playing hard to get.  (I'll transcribe underneath the letters, fear not.)

'Betty, darling.

Here are a few reasons why I love you:

Have you ever had a feeling of wanting to be with someone all the time?  That's my feeling towards you.  That's why it hurts to see you go out with anyone else.  Whenever I go out with you, (which is seldom, but I hope we can do something about it) I have a proud feeling.  I always have fun with you, you're so full of life, and are always willing to do anything.  Naturally, a fellow likes to be seen with a beautiful girl, which you are, all these little things rolled up into one, are just a few of the reasons why I love you with all my heart.  I wouldn't tell you I loved you if I didn't mean it.  After all there is not much sense in telling you I'm in love with you if I wasn't.  There are people who do tell lies of that sort, with only one object in mind.  Those kind of people aren't, shall we say, nice people.

Anyway, I'm trying to tell you, I love you; and I'll love you always.

Love, darling,


P.S. See you later?'

* Tom managed a theatre in San Francisco.  Helps explain this note.

'Betty, darling:

Last night I overheard a couple talking about you and Frank.  It was a terrible blow, and that's why I started to drink last night.  I don't know whether they were friends of yours or of Frank's.  Anyway, they seemed to think you two were greatly in love with each other.  To make things seem worse I kept calling your home, and you hadn't come home yet.  I knew you were out with Frank, and well, it got the best of me.

I've been down in the dumps all day, not knowing where I stand.  My job here doesn't allow me much time to myself, as you should know by now.  I want to spent all my time with you.  Naturally, a girl wants to go out during the day, and evening, but my hands are tied on this job.  I can't do either.

Frank has a soft job.  He's naturally off during the day, and his evening are always spent with you.  You and Frank have been going together for quite a while now, and as you said yourself, he's in love with you.  He has a great advantage over me, as he can see you more often, and take you to places where you can enjoy yourself.

What have I to offer?  Nothing, but my love for you.  I love you with all my heart, Betty, and always shall.  I hope you aren't kidding me when you say you love me, because I always want the truth.  If you are in love with Frank, please tell me.  I'd rather know now than later.  I hope and pray you are in love with me.  Please.

I love you,


P.S. Can't you write a note?'

(Tom got the girl.  Don't worry.)