Home is...

For me, home is a very special place.  Though it probably won't be forever, my parents still live in the home I grew up in, nestled in the hills and forest of a very, very small town in Connecticut.  It's where my heart is but is also a very specific place which will remain in my heart even when it is no longer the place I come back to. The house, well over 200 years old (which, for us in America is quite elderly), has been a labor of love since my parents moved in years before their first-born (moi) was even a thought.  They took a little old primitive Colonial home and spent all my lifetime making it a magical and warm place to be a family.  The original house still stands with all the features that it itself was 'born' with...the hardwood floors, ceiling beams, massive stone fireplaces and a uneveness that gives it all its charm.  Around the original house, my parents have painstakingly expanded but unless I told you, you would never know what was old and what was new.

The house sits on acres and acres of land with one of the most beautiful views I know I will ever see.  And the home itself has always been another child in the family, probably taking twice as much work as my brother and I combined.  Though my parents may disagree at times as the ones who have put their blood, sweat and tears into the home, it is perfect.

So perfect in fact that it was featured in Connecticut Home & Garden Magazine a few years back and has now very recently been featured in a book, 'Early American Country Homes'.  A study of homes across this great nation, I could not be more thrilled for our home to be featured and I wanted to share it.

The book is full of really beautiful homes that tell a beautiful history of the States.  And I just like to nose around people's houses anyway  :)  You can get the book here.  (Oh, and my bro and I get a little mention in there as well which is super cool.)