Sachin & Babi: The Power of Color

I have been looking forward to the Sachin & Babi show for weeks.  I first properly heard about the brand when one of my favorite blogs, Sincerely Jules, put up this post about one of their incredibly cool trench coats.  Despite feeling completely rotten (it seems as though my apartment is where illness has come to live and destroy this week), I got myself poured into an appropriately rock chick outfit and threw on my favorite vintage leopard-print swing coat, which weighed about 20 pounds more than usual, and made my way to the show's warehouse-style venue. Though I was put off a little by the conversation behind me about wanting to stay longer in Israel this summer because her time in Paris isn't exactly a 'vacation' (who what now?!), my sentiments about the atmosphere of the show were echoed in the same group chit-chat, the Sachin & Babi show seemed incredibly chilled-out.  With all the rushing around and the hectic nature of all the other shows I have been to, Sachin & Babi was a different world.  Security kindly welcomed me into the venue, a lovely young lady ushered me to my seat and it seemed impossibly serene.

If anything struck me about this show, it would be the fabrics (chiffon, leather, fur) and the colors.  Oh the colors!  While all the other shows focused on beautiful color combinations and stunning patterns, Sachin & Babi let the colors from their palette stand alone and strong.  Black stood strong before adding navy and then jumping to a deep red, moving to hunter green and finishing the show with a rich, vibrant purple.

Stand out item?  The double-slit gown that was featured in nearly every color.  Wow-za!