Viktor Luna: One to Be Watched

It has been a long road to this presentation at New York Fashion Week.  Viktor Luna learned tailoring and construction from his mother at a very young age in Guadalajara, Mexico. He studied at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology before going on to work as a production assistant for the label Zero + Maria Cornejo.  His name became more prominent when he joined Season 9 of Project Runway and had the pleasure of showing his Spring 2012 collection at New York Fashion Week as a finalist in the show. If he needed any official 'graduation' from the Project Runway association, this Fall 2012 presentation was it.  There is a certain aesthetic that Luna has held true to that mixes colors from Mexico with a rock edge and futuristic prints.  It's a skillful mix of influence from his background and the Fall 2012 collection embodied it perfectly.

I had the pleasure of getting to lend a helping hand at Luna HQ the night before the presentation and the atmosphere was surprisingly calm and upbeat.  Even with a few last-minute panics, there was a confidence enough in the work that would quite obviously speak for itself should there be a few hiccups.

The presentation itself, styled by Nolé Marin (who shook my hand like I was a princess which means he is my new favorite person), was  all together flawless.  The hair and make-up was undone and edgy.  The space was stark but full of light.  The presentation of the models was completely beautiful.  Already impressed by the collection, seeing it in all its glory made it even better.

All in all, I want to be a Viktor Luna girl.  And I am already excited to see what the next collection will bring.