Vantan Tokyo: The Perils of Being Short in Fashion

The title of this post may appear to be cryptic but I assure you it is not.  The Vantan Tokyo show may seem a unexpected at Lincoln Center because it isn't actually a designer at all.  It's a school.  Basically a Parsons (go us!) of Japan.  Vantan Tokyo selects four star students to put together a mini-collection and show in the tents at New York Fashion Week.  And they are kind enough to invite the Parsons mafia along to watch the show. It was an incredibly busy show.  So I ended up having to stand.  Enter the aforementioned 'perils'.  I got to see most of the show.  Mostly standing on my toes to see over the tall men standing in front of me.  Come on, people.  Most children can look straight over my head.  Let me stand in front of you.

I digress.  The show was great.  These students really brought their 'A' game and the spectators seemed more than impressed.  From layering black chiffon over prints to Missoni on acid to incredible knit work and even what seemed to be an out-of-place Spring collection, it was a very impressive show.


The students from Vantan Tokyo should be very proud of themselves.  It was surely challenge enough to create a capsule collection to show at Lincoln Center.  But they also put on one cohesive show as four different designers and that may be an even greater challenge.