Kevork Kiledjian: A Force to Be Reckoned With

As nothing but pure luck would have it, I have gotten to attend some pretty amazing shows during New York Fashion Week.  I've seen great.  I've seen good.  And I've seen 'meh'. I was not sure what to expect from Kevork, partly because I can't even pronounce his surname.  Sitting second row, watching the audience pour in, I suddenly knew I was in for something pretty impressive.  Not to make judgement calls but the audience at Kevork was gorgeous.  It was almost silly.  It was like the world of All Saints had become reality and I was suddenly surrounded by the people who make sexy grunge a very cool aesthetic.  More or less, 'heaven'.

Milk Studios was the perfect venue for the show.  Not too big, not too small.  It's minimal and stripped down but still has character about it.  From the first look that came out, it was very clear that this was going to be a powerful show.  Black and navy leather dresses, red fur, angular, powerful and, above all, sexy.

What really struck me, aside from having such a strong voice ring throughout the entire collection, was how attainable yet unattainable the entire collection seemed.  In one moment, I could be thinking 'oh, I could see myself wearing that' and in the next, 'I could only DREAM of being this kind of woman'.  It forced a ping-pong effect between reality and a world of fantasy.

Spiked top-knots and painted on black eyebrows made it easy to fear these women.  But also want to be one of them.  As the last model walked the runway, the lights slowly faded out until it was pitch black just before she made her exit from the runway.  The most perfect end to any fashion show I've ever seen.