Jill Stuart: The Very Best Kind of Pretty

It has to be admitted that being able to attend the Jill Stuart show was one New York Fashion Week moment that I was most looking forward to...and the lady did me proud. The show itself was less of a production than some of the other shows I have been to.  Nicholas K still takes the cake for impact.  But I do believe, and because it is on the world wide web now you can probably quote me, this has been my favorite collection so far that I have been to see.  I mean, there is a whole lot of gorgeous coming out of New York Fashion Week, and Jill Stuart knows how to do gorgeous.

The scene at this show offered the greatest sense of calm of all the events I have been to thus far and that seemed to echo what Jill Stuart as a brand and designer wants to present.  I had the pleasure of sitting next to a nice Canadian gentleman who had brought his daughter to their first fashion show (he got tickets through a friend) and it was really enjoyable getting to speak with and sit next to someone who is doing the best job possible of taking it all in.  My favorite conversation went as follows:

'How long do the shows usually last?'

'About ten minutes probably...'

'What?!  Just ten minutes?!'

Very sweet.  Flown from Montreal to sit and watch a show for ten minutes  :)

Back to Jill.  She had adorable little pink bags on the seats with branded make-up which looks rather delightful and it worked with the whole atmosphere.  Dainty and feminine but direct and no-nonsense.

And the clothes.  Oh the clothes!  I really cannot say enough amazing things about the collection.  Everything was gorgeous.  Separates were styled impeccably and you knew that every single girl in the audience wanted to wake up today and have all the dresses in her wardrobe.

Like I mentioned before, not the best production.  The opening seemed a bit clumsy and anti-climatic while the show ended in the same way with music abruptly stopping and lights going up while everyone awkwardly questioned if there was going to be a final walk.  But the clothes made up for it in leaps and bounds.