Rebecca Minkoff: The Soundtrack of NY Fashion Week

The whole scene surrounding the Rebecca Minkoff show was pretty intense and quite exciting.  This was the biggest show I have been at to-date and found myself a bit overwhelmed by the size of this particular venue at Lincoln Center...I had also just seen some of my favorite bloggers, like Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere, who I suddenly realized at one point was standing behind me waiting to get into the show.  Had a little freak out on the inside, played it very cool on the outside.  'Oh, who are you?  One of my fav people in the whole world that I don't know?  Oh, yeah, I mean, I guess you look familiar...' Moving on.  I got very lucky and my seat was just a couple of rows from the front and I got to do some rather delightful celeb watching.  I am also now trolling the internet for pictures of said famous people to make sure I don't look like a complete doofus behind them.  So far so good.

The Rebecca Minkoff show was a gig, runway show, spectacle.  It kicked off with Theophilus London rocking down the runway.  I mean, how cool.


The clothes, as it turns out, delivered as well.  In a big way.  What I love about Ms. Minkoff is that she has a certain aesthetic that is fun and refined.  I love her sense of separates and the styling was incredible.  Her sense of color mixing and shapes is impeccable.  Adored it!

And I got extra excited that I got a bit 'fashion stalker-y' about a girl in the tents wearing a yellow snake print maxi skirt the day before and lo and behold, yellow snake print came creeping down the runway.  Excitement.

Great music.  Lots of leather.  Snake prints.  Sparkle and a color palette that I want to live in.  Thanks, Rebecca.  You done good.

(Note: Apologies for my videos ending abruptly.  I suddenly realize I don't want to watch the shows through the finder on my phone and freak out  :) )