Libertine: Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice (plus skulls).

'The Fashion Mafia'.  That is what Parsons students are.  We are everywhere.  Especially during Fashion Week.  Working behind the scenes, in front of the cameras, organizing that which cannot be organized, chasing what will never be caught...and in some cases (thankfully) stopping to get to enjoy the magic. Parsons gave some of us lucky students the chance to be a part of the audience for the Libertine Fall 2012 show at MILK Studios and the mafia reared its gorgeous head.  Among the editors and bloggers and ice skaters (Johnny Weir), we had infiltrated.

What I really loved about the shows I went to today were how vastly different the crowds and the set-ups and the atmospheres were.  I started with a BOOM, lulled in the middle and Libertine dared me to celebrate at the end.  The clothes were beautiful.  The silhouettes were classic but updated with the perfect amount of quirkiness.  The fabrics were stunning.  And the embellishments and colors...pure party.  It wasn't 'try too hard' but still resulted in this euphoric and easy sensibility.

The models even ended the show by putting on a proper dance party as they all paraded like over-excited and incredible well-dressed cattle down the runway.  Folklorish 90s Grunge English Punk with a Bedazzler on the loose.  I think we can all agree that sounds awesome.