Marni for Me (for Mexico).

I have to admit...I'm kinda happy the Jason Wu hoopla is over.  First, because I was impressed by the collection but I had no interest in it.  (Sorry Jason, I think you're great, love the black cat as your sidekick, smooches).  Second, because it means that we are that much closer to the Marni for H&M collection.  (Yes, I did have a mini-freakout on the blog about it before.) The Marni collection at H&M caught me by surprise.  Maybe because even though they have used Sophia Coppola as the brains behind the visuals to promote the collection, it seems to be a bit more low-key than the recent VERSACE! JASON WU! KARL LAGERFELD! MISSONI! situations that happened with, as far as I am concerned, pretty major disappointment.  I will constantly voice my opinion that these collections have a really great purpose behind them but consistently come up a bit short.  Even if there are some fun duds to pick-up, between the mad rushes in-store or the website crashes, I'm not impressed.  I'd rather spend more money, get the real thing and have a pleasant experience doing so.  Not risk my well-being to spend money on something I am buying just because the cheap label has a famous name somewhere on it.


This is actually a very positive post so I apologize for that little rant there  :)  Moving swiftly on.  The Marni collection for H&M has snuck up and seemed to stay, even in the quiet promotional aspect, in line with the appeal of Marni.  It is beautiful and bright but not in your face.  It is creative and clever but not shouting at you.  And, for the first time in all my experience in this 'collaboration boom', there are pieces of the collection that I want...really badly want.


It hits stores March 8th.  Which is kind of perfect because I leave for the mountains of Mexico on March 10th for a week.  Some of these dresses really deserve to be on that holiday with me.  And basically all of the accessories.  What I am trying to get at is, if any of you have an idea as to how I get my paws on this collection without risking my life, please let me know.  Many thanks.

Psst...Dresses, if you are in any way confused about which ones of you I am hoping to be friends with, it's you...

And you.