J. Crew Who?

It would be impossible for me to write this post and say that I wasn't a patron of J. Crew because, in reality, my first credit card was a J.Crew one.  That should say it all.  But it has to be admitted that I've been a little bored and let down with a fair amount of the designs from the brand as of late.  There seems to have been some panic about positioning and all of a sudden the store is awash with outrageously priced basics and even more outrageously priced key pieces that seem to have no place at the retailers. It's not even a case of 'I went in for a t-shirt and walked out with a feather dress made entirely of sequins' because anyone going in there for a t-shirt is never going to believe the salesperson when they tell them said skirt is over a thousand dollars.  I just haven't understood the angle.  Their outlet store must be packed to the brim.

HERE'S WHERE IT GETS GOOD.  The Spring 2012 collection that J. Crew showed not only had me scratching my head, but doing so while jumping around, clicking my heels in excitement.  Admittedly, 'the Crew' has always been very good at styling but this collection is even great without it.

CRASH BACK TO REALITY.  This stuff is going to be expensive.  Or the majority of it will be astronomical, making the rest of the collection seem very affordable indeed.  But it almost doesn't matter.  I'm in love.  Where's that credit card...