Oh, Daughter.

When I was living in London, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Miss Elena Tonra and watching her grow into Daughter.  If you haven't yet heard of Daughter, which you very well may have with the amount of noise is being made about them, the group consists of Elena at the front, Igor and (one of  my favorite people from my London sect) Remi.  I've been meaning to write about Daughter for some time now...I have always been struck to the core by their music.

The first time I saw Daughter perform, the reaction of the crowd was perfect silence.  Their music and the lyrics somehow stun entire crowds into submission.  Haunting, beautiful, painful, understanding, destructive, peaceful.  It's like Daughter rips your heart out and comes to stand very kindly next to you as you watch it on the floor thinking 'that was bound to happen...thank you for understanding'.


It has to be said, when I opened the latest issue of Nylon magazine and saw the perfectly quirky and stunning Elena as one of the 'cool kids' in London, gaining an entire page in the magazine just for her, I completely swelled with pride.  Her talent and her dedication to her art has ensured that she deserves all the wonderful that is coming her way.

Make sure to check out their music, watch their videos and keep a very keen eye on their tour dates.  It is with very tightly crossed fingers that I hope they make their way over to the States so I get to get welled-up in both a bit of pride and admiration at Daughter as a group of people who I think very highly of but also as a vessel for some of my favorite music in the world.

Daughter - 'Peter'