That girl is FANCY.

I love pretty things.  Which means I am really into jewels.  I refer to a delightful woman on London's Portobello Road as 'Jewelry Lady', from whom I have bought/been gifted/helped others buy some of the most gorgeous pieces I've ever seen.  My mother has been known to hide her nice jewelry from me because I potentially cannot be trusted.  When I was in college, I thought a $600 diamond cocktail ring was an 'investment'. I was recently approached by, an incredible manufacturer and retailer of fine diamond and gemstone jewelry, and given the opportunity to customize a pair of earrings on their website.  And my response was 'ohhhhhh yes!'  Obviously.  What kind of girl turns that down?!

I had an absolute ball getting to spend time looking through the Anjolee website which has basically anything a jewelry fiend such as myself would be looking for.  Diamond earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants a plenty.  What is so much fun about the website is how interactive and personal an experience it is.  Customers have the chance to make all their own decisions on setting materials, stones, sizes, etc. while getting to look at 360 degrees images to really get a proper look at what you are creating.

Anjolee has an incredible number of both stud earrings and hoop earrings to choose from, making this one of the best 'hardest decisions' ever.  As much as I love the look of drop and hoop earrings, I have always been a girl who gravitates toward studs.  I went for Trillium Stud earrings in white gold and opted for garnets in place of diamonds.  It was a bit of quirky that I love in a classic style.

When the earrings arrived, they were even more lovely than I had expected!

The quite obvious next thought was what to wear my new little treasures with and I wanted to share how I would style an outfit around these shiny delights  :)


Let the earrings be a classic pop of color or a stand out basic if you choose diamonds with a sweet white or cream dress with a neutral or black leather jacket.

Show off the earrings as part of a rich Bohemian or hippie chic look, matching the earrings to a great red tie-dye tunic.

Add a great color or quirky-classic style to a great nautical themed outfit.


Take the nautical look and dress it up with a nautical stripe gown and 60's French up-do and headband.

Choose a skirt color that suits you and your earrings to create this youthful and romantic look.

And, of course, a fun black cocktail dress that let these earrings show off!

Thank you so much to Anjolee for letting this girl create a pair of such gorgeous earrings!