I've got reasons.

I adore Saint Saviour.  Which you can read about here, here and here. My favorite Saint Saviour song is 'Reasons' which is beautiful and heartbreaking and painfully empowering.  Since the first time I heard the song, it really struck a chord in me and as time goes on, I look to the song more and more when I need a bit of peace.

Without getting too personal or stepping on Saint Saviour's toes about the meaning of her song, when I listen to the song, I am reminded that we all have our reasons for decisions we make.  No matter how heartbreaking or difficult and when no one else may understand, you have the strength to do what your heart is telling you.



A few weeks ago, I very excitedly pledged a little bit of cash money to Saint Saviour on Pledge Music, an amazing website that helps you contribute to music acts that you love to help them make new music.  It's a brilliant idea.  You get to interact with your favorite artists, be a part of their projects and even have some of your contribution go to charity.  (Please watch the video below for her own explanation of the project, experience and her work.  She's f**king awesome/adorable.)



Though Saint Saviour has blown her monetary goal out of the water, you can still contribute to further help and in doing so, you get some perks.  You not only get an early digital download of the album, you can also choose different items to get depending on how much money you would like to pledge.  For instance, Saint Saviour has had her costumes from music videos up for grabs, private gigs, a year's worth of guest list, recording a demo for a day with the artist herself, the chance to be in a music video, tote bags, signed album artwork and more. I mean, that's pretty badass.

What I chose was a handwritten lyric sheet from my fav song (see above).  It arrived in the mail last week and I got right to framing and hanging that gorgeous bitch.