Jason, is that Wu?

Heyoooooo!  :) I woke up this morning to find that Lucky Magazine had very kindly gotten their paws on some pictures from the Jason Wu for Target collection that is quickly approaching shop floors (one month to go!)...and in the case of every single Target collaboration that I have had the pleasure of seeing, I am going violently back and forth between wondering if I love it, wondering if I love it just because I can afford it and wondering if I am just saying I love it and I really am not fussed with it.

My hopes are that he might be designing a nice red dress similar to the one I had seen in the Net A Porter Sale and it will fall into my arms on Feb 5th, though I am sure that the closer we get to the big event, the more images we'll have the chance to see.  So in the meantime, what do you all think of the released pictures for the line?  Yay, nay or either way?