Doobie Red: That's what a fool believes

I love smooth rock from the 70's.  Doobie Brothers are at the top of the list.  I think Michael McDonald has the voice of an angel and my brother even made sure to edit a video of me trying to snowboard (very poorly) in Switzerland to 'What A Fool Believes', see below. [youtube=]

So it made complete sense when last year for my birthday, I get a card in the mail from my brother with a picture of a wine bottle on the front and handwritten lyrics to 'What A Fool Believes' on the inside.  Well, maybe not complete sense.  The lyrics were written by someone else and it didn't actually tell me what it was he had gotten me for my birthday, other than this adorably bizarre card.  But as it turns out, he had gotten me a bottle of Doobie Red.  THAT'S RIGHT.  Doobie Brothers wine.

It's a variety of Bordeaux and it has Doobies, very literally, written all over it.  Only problem was actually getting the booze to me and finding ourselves together long enough to remember that we had the wine of kickin' smooth rock band to drink.  We finally remembered this Christmas, so on my brother's last night, we cracked the bottle open and I gotta tell you...that s**t is GOOD.

Problem is...I don't think you lot can get your grubby paws on Doobie Red anymore, or at least for the time being.  But you can check out the vineyard at which it's made (owned by their manager, obviously).