When a birthday isn't just a birthday :)

It's been quite a year. I could get very sappy but I think it is much better to just be excited about today being my friend Chris' birthday  :)  If it's been a big year for anyone, it would be Chris.  To make a long story short, Chris was the Marketing Assistant (now Executive!) on the team I managed at the music school in London before I made the move back to the States.  In February, Chris found out that he was very sick and spent five months following under intense chemotherapy and working incredibly hard at winning the hand of cards he was dealt.

It was probably the longest five months of his life and a journey for those who were standing behind him the best we knew how in what you hope will always be an unfamiliar situation.  There were the expected ups and downs and tears and laughter but it has been 6 months since Chris' final treatment and it is with huge happiness that we are now celebrating not only his birthday but so much more than that.

Chris is healthy and happy and was the recipient of a lovely surprise party this past weekend to celebrate all these things!  It was with huge upset that I wasn't able to swing a trip to London to be there in person but I had asked Chris' girlfriend Clare to help me be there by proxy and that she did.

With the help of people who know and adore Chris and also were not able to attend, as well as a bunch of just really lovely people that he doesn't know (and some that even I don't know, haha), this video came about and was delivered to Chris at his party this weekend.  So I want to say thank you to everyone who helped contribute and to those that wanted to and send an especially big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the lovely Chris!

(Note, there are a lot of signs that are worth reading so best to watch the video full screen if you can.  And as another note, the last picture with the best sign of all is Chris' amazing girlfriend Clare, who is the sweetest lady ever.)