Wine Bar. House Party. YouTube.

I am still holding out for pictures from the big party that I flew out to San Francisco for this past week but it isn't the only thing I got up to while in town.  The night after the big event, we still found some energy to go out to dinner and to a Christmas party at a friend's house.  It should be admitted that by my last night, we were so exhausted that we watched The Birdcage, ate Whole Foods and had passed out by 9:30pm. But getting back to the moment when we were 'cool'.  As our first choice for dinner that night had over an hour wait, we decided to take a stroll in the Mission and were lured into Etcetera Wine Bar by a very handsome waiter who was on a break outside.  And it turns out that he paled in comparison to the food and wines that waited for us inside.  It was more of a French tapas style selection, as opposed to proper meals, but oh my goodness.  Allow it to be an indication of great food that I could only get a picture of it all after it was half eaten.

And then we continued to the party which featured a puppy named Grits (I had no idea that red labs ever existed, but I guess you can always learn something new even when you're knee-deep in wine).

And I think it's safe to say that I really loved returning to the birthplace of this blog, almost exactly 7 months after it first started.  The last time I was at YouTube HQ for a visit, I had just quit my job, flown back to the States with no plan in mind other than to go out to San Francisco to see one of my best friends and was really just a hot mess of uncertainty.  And in that moment, sitting at my pretend desk for the day at YouTube, I started Thrill of the Chaise.  Now, I am still a hot mess of uncertainty but have moved to NYC, started school at Parsons and am enjoying the journey.  But enough about that!  YouTube this time, for me, was all slides and puppies.