Arm Party Party.

I love Man Repller.  (As expressed here.)  So I was quite excited when I heard that Man Repller was teaming up with another one of my loves, Calypso St. Barth's, in the opening of the latter's new accessory boutique in NYC for a wee bit of a party.

Curious as to why this partnership makes so much sense?  Two words.  'Arm Party'.  Delightful Leandra (aka the Man Repeller) has gone ahead and coined this adorable phrase in reference to basically wearing as many bracelets as possible at once.  Part of the Calypso line is an amazing array of arm candy, so one plus one makes super amazing.

I went with a couple of friends from Parsons, who also are huge Man Repeller fans, and though we didn't get up the nerve to speak to Leandra (What did we really have to say?  After a week with visiting Englishmen and a fair amount of scotch, my brain was only coming up with the following: 'Hi, you're funny, keep it up, if you want to be friends that would be cool, your trousers are sparkly'.), we did enjoy some delightful macrons, a browse around the impeccably decorated shop (seriously, I want to move in there) and an old school photobooth that we never REALLY got to work the way we wanted (see below).

After a weekend vintage shopping for one thing and coming home with two very different items, I had to restrain myself, not to mention, my student loans wouldn't cover the $2000 clutch I kept picking up, but there will definitely be a wish list that rears its gorgeous head at some point.