Support Movember :)

I was introduced to the magic of Movember (for anyone not 'in the know', that's November + Moustache) a few years ago when a bunch of the guys I worked with in London started growing some pretty sweet handlebars on their faces to raise awareness and money for men's health and prostate cancer in particular. It was cool, it was dedication, it was (in some cases) a bit embarrassing but good on the dudes for doing it!  This year, I am really proud to announce that my amazing younger brother is taking part in the challenge with his team at Skiing Magazine.  And he may look a bit like Ron Burgundy but I think if you're gonna go for it, that's the way to go.

So pretty pretty please, if you can donate to the cause, click here and help Tucker and his team raise money for this amazing event and cause!  Every little bit helps and it means a lot to the guys to get support  :)