Wearing paws on my paws.

If you have ever spent any time with me, you will have probably at some point experienced me referring to both my hands and feet as 'paws'.  With good reason.  They are small.  Not freakishly small.  But small enough that people get a real laugh out of comparing the size of our hands when pressed up to each other.  I embrace it (I mean, who's to say it won't lead to a complex later in life but right now it's all good). So I got pretty excited when I saw the new Louboutin Lion Shoes that have made their way questionably onto the feet of some quite fashion-forward celebs.  They are literally high heels with paw decoration on them.  My jury is so totally out on this.  I know they are ugly as sin.  But almost to the point of finding them charming.  I mean, they have furry little toes and bejewelled toenails.  Come on.

Word on the street is that they are going to cost upwards of $4k-5k which means you won't be finding them in my closet anytime soon.  And I really feel like these aren't the kind of shoes anyone would be successful with in a DIY scenario.  When the real things are reasonably questionable, do not try to make your own.  You set yourself up for failure and that is me with a positive outlook  :)