I don't know about you but my face is kind of important to me.

It hasn't really been like me to share any 'beauty secrets' because, to be honest, since I started Thrill of the Chaise in May, my track record has been a bit pitiful. First, I decided to put an 'ombre' effect in my hair which led to me to having to chop most of my hair off 6 weeks later.  My eyes went through a phase of constantly looking like I had either been crying or was stoned because apparently I wear my contacts too much.  And then the skin on my face went all haywire and dry and sad recently which is the most traumatic of all.  If there is one thing I have going for me, it is not having zits, so it is totally reasonable to say that my whole world came crashing down on me once or twice (or three times in the past 2 weeks).

I've been obsessed with Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil for years thanks to my gorgeous friend and fab make-up artist Mariam Jensen, but on a student budget and Shu being more selective about product distribution in the States, I recently decided that generic brand face wash and moisturizer was allowing me to be a bit self-destructive and so I marched myself into Sephora and decided to regain power of my face situation.

I grabbed the much more wallet-friendly Boscia Make Up-Break Up Cool Cleansing Oil and Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer, got a rave review from the girl at the counter and couldn't wait to, hopefully, see some miracles happen.  And to my surprise, I am three days in and the results are amazing.

First of all, word to the wise because it doesn't tell you this on the package, make sure you apply the cleansing oil to DRY skin, let it work its magic and then you can rinse off and massage in with water.  This stuff takes your make-up of in one swoop and that's something pretty big coming from a girl who wears liquid eyeliner on the regs.

The moisturizer, though it smells like rose I think and I can't STAND rose (never ever buy me roses, I know that isn't the first time I have told you), is working wonders.  It is a thick cream but doesn't leave you feeling oily.  It's soft and smooth and you can feel it doing nice things to your skin.

Different things work for different people but I just thought I would put my two cents in  :)  I am gonna go check myself out in the mirror a bit more and say 'damnnnn girllll' out loud a bit.  You're welcome for that visual.

Also, and I am totally am not getting paid to say this (wouldn't that be nice?!), if you aren't a member of Sephora's Beauty Insiders, sign-up, it's so worth it.  You collect points every time you buy something that you can just keep adding to and trade them in for different sized free gifts.  I got a great travel sized eye make-up remover for some of my points this week.  Bonus.