To the Max(i) Skirt

I know that the maxi skirt is one of those trends that has been around a while now but I am totally into it and not letting go.  There is something that can be so effortlessly glamorous about a maxi skirt and there are so many different ways to style an outfit around it.  The lazy girl's wardrobe staple  :) So I had to, just HAD to, share this find with you all.  The purple skirt...with the tailored bow...oh my word, I love it.  But I'm afraid at my height, it would be a tough one to pull off, so I am begging one of you to buy it and have a wonderful life with this skirt.

This skirt is also quite lovely (though not really crazy about the styling of this outfit, sorry ASOS).  And, to be honest, sometimes you need a fancy skirt in your closet to make sure you don't just start wearing maxis and making them your truly lazy wardrobe.  It's brocade so check it out close up, stunning.