A Tim Burton Thanksgiving.

I have to be honest.  Thanksgiving is going to be a little tough for me this year.  It is the first year in six years that I haven't spent the holiday in London.  And the first year in five of those years that I haven't made dinner for all my lovely friends who had no idea what we were celebrating but humored me anyway. Last year was my favorite...ten of my nearest and dearest, the biggest and best turkey to-date, not one but TWO pumpkin featured desserts, a lot of new faces and my one ride-or-die Thanksgiving friend who successfully shows up each year with wine pairings.  Way to class-up a ritual of eating until it hurts so much you can do nothing more than lay down and fall asleep  :)

And before I get an earful from my gorgeous momma...I am VERY happy that I get to celebrate with my family and extended family this year.  I just like being in charge and blowing the minds of a bunch of Brits  :)  Though I'll be Stateside for Thanksgiving and I am technically a New Yorker now, I won't be in the city to see this year's Macy's parade (views are better from TV anyway, am I right?!).  I haven't ever seen it in person anyway so I am sure I don't know what I'm missing but this is the first year where there is a highlight for me.


Described as 'the Frankenstein of balloons', B. Boy is a creation that comes directly from Burton's macabre and somehow heart-warming sensibility.  Though the illustrations give away much of what the massive balloon will look like as it makes its way down Central Park West with who knows how many handlers  keeping it from taking out buildings on its journey, I am still excited to see it in all it's glory.

Burton's story is that the balloon boy was "stitched together from rejects of old birthday party balloons", from parties that were thrown for children at a London hospital. But B. wasn't allowed to join in the fun. Instead he watched the French short film "The Red Balloon" repeatedly.  B.'s only dream was to fly and make a child happy – just like in that movie.  And now he gets to do just that.  Creepy happy making.  I love it.