I'm super emotional.

It's not a bad thing, I promise.  Just feeling a bit more emotional than usual. Examples:

- I came home after a bad class the other night and watched three episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because I knew a good little 'happy cry' would get it out of my system.

- The building manager/fire warden made us do a fire drill at school today and gave a speech about what to do if there was actually a fire which included him saying things like 'my team and I will be the very last ones out of here, we will not leave anyone behind' and 'I will keep every single one of you safe, that is my promise to you'...and I could feel myself welling up a bit.

- I almost lost my s**t in another class last night when we were shown the below video.  Which is the point of this whole post and what I wanted to share with you.  Not because I am being a big sissy at the moment but because it is actually quite beautiful.  And I know that it hit me the way it did because the whole way through I kept thinking 'don't end up in London, you're going to end up in London, don't end up in London...' because I am really missing my beloved city at the moment, especially the people I love so dearly that are still there.  (Shhhhh NYC, I love you too)

Enjoy!  And if you see me on the street, hug me  :)