I'm Johnny Appleseed.

I'm not really.  And I wish that was his real name. But I did go apple picking (along with the rest of New England apparently) when one of my lovely buddies came to visit me from Boston.  When trying to give her the best autumn offerings that Connecticut has, I took her to Averill Farm in Washington.  In hoping for some nice, crisp weather (if not only because that is what I packed for), we got some killer humidity and sunshine.  Needless to say, apple picking did not last all that long.

But we did end up with some delicious apples and pears, foraged by us.  And we made the most incredible Autumn Chopped Salad, care of Espresso and Cream.  I'm totally obsessed with it now.  I want to eat it all the time.  I might try to eat it all the time.  Gorgonzola (we used a different cheese) and bacon are good for you, right?  Check out the recipe here and the photos below!

And a bonus picture of the gorgeous lake at the end of my street out in the country.