I'm on that weird cat thing again...

If some of you may remember back, I had a bit of a ramble on at one point after seeing one of the new Chanel ad campaigns about how I once saw a lady with this great chapeau that looked like little cat ears and how I love that kind of thing and so on and so forth.  (Or you could read it here.) Well, I'm still on it.  I get super into random things from time to time and hold tight.  Which is a bit odd on this one because I'm not a huge fan of cats.  I mean, I don't dislike them, but I only like some of them.  I'm very selective.

I had a cat named Frank Sinatra in college who was a pretty cool dude.  And I like my friend's cat in London, mostly because she REALLY likes me, and because her name is Joey and it's this whole gender bender thing that she pulls off really well.  And there was a quick moment in time where I wanted to get one of those naked cats that kinda looks like Lady Gaga.  But then I heard they are super obsessed with people and if you have friends around it will try and lay on everyone and then read something along the lines with '...which is fine, if you have friends who are totally cool with a wrinkly hot water bottle trying to crawl on them'.  Ew.

This whole story is leading to pretty much nothing.  Except some great pictures.  Enjoy and support me while I go through my 'I kinda want to be a feline' phase.  Many thanks.